Dec 15, 2011

Wireless file transfer apps for your android device

Today I'm going to present you 2 wireless transfer apps that I use on my android phone. They are both very popular.

The first one is for Cloud service, and I use this for long range file transfers. That means store your files on an online server, and retrieve them later on any device. It's a dead simple and effective app named: Dropbox.
An example of how this cloud service works:
When you install Dropbox on your PC, a folder named "Dropbox" will appear on your desktop. Now everything that you copy in this folder will be uploaded to your dropbox account. After you install dropbox on any other device (android in our case) you will see the content of your Dropbox folder, and can navigate, view, share and download those files (to your current device).
Once you install Dropbox on your android device, the option "send to -> Dropbox" will appear. So if you want to share some pictures or simply store them in the cloud for safety, simply select the picture and send it to your dropbox. Once you do that it will appear in your PC's dropbox folder too. So it's pretty cool and useful.

Dropbox is free to use, and when you register you get 2GB of storage (you can get extra space for money). After you register and complete a few tasks (install dropbox, transfer 1 file, and so on) you get an extra 250MB. Also for every friend who joins and installs Dropbox, they will give you 250 MB of bonus space (up to a limit of 8GB). Here is a video of "What is Dropbox?".

So if you want to join (and I don't see why not :D ) here is my link:  <-- register here and you will start with 2.5GB space (2GB for the free account + 250MB for clicking on my link + 250MB for completing a few basic steps).

The other app is for short range file transfer using WiFi. It's called: WiFi File Explorer (Pro).
With this app you can browse, download and upload files to your android device from your PC's browser.

First you need a PC with WiFi. Then you connect the phone to the PC's WiFi and start the app on your phone. If everything is ok, the app should give you an IP adress (takes just a few seconds to appear). Then type that IP adress in your PC's browser (Opera, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and you will see everything that's on your phone.

And that's it. Now you can download, upload, explore, delete and rename files from your phone. Very simple and very fast. No need for cables and drivers. Just an app on your phone and a PC with WiFi.
There are many negative reviews about this app on the market, but do not trust those people. I have been uning this app for quite some time now, and had 0 problems with it, and I transfered both small and large (few GB) files.
Now the "bad" news is that this app is not free (there is a free version, but that is limited), it costs 1$. But trust me, it's a dollar well spent.

I'm still experimenting with wireless file transfer apps, so this post may get edited if I find something better. I am not sure that Dropbox is the best cloud service for me, but at the moment it is good (very simple to use).


DWei said...

Dropbox is pretty handy but I haven't had a chance to really use it much.

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