Dec 6, 2011

AppMonster - Backup and organize your Android apps

Another must have app for android users. AppMonster backs up all your applications that you installed on your phone, to your SD card. 

This is helpful in so many ways... It happens quite often that after I updated a particular app, it eighter stops working on my phone, or has some annoying bug (or bugs). But if you have this app, you can restore to an earlier version of that app (assuming you made a backup or have left auto backup on). Then there are the times when you jump from one ROM to another (or do updates of your ROM). Simply press restore after you installed the ROM you want, and you are done.

It also comes very handy when you change your device. Simply install AppMonster on your new device, pop in the SD with the backed up apps, and batch install (the only downside about batch install is that you have to press "Install" before every app, and "Done" after every install)

But this app can only back up user installed applications. So you can't back up system apps. For that, you need to use Titanium Backup. But I don't really back up any system apps, so this simple and small app is perfect for me. AppMonster requires no root access.
It has the option to automatically back up newly installed apps (but I unchecked that feature, because I do a lot of app testing, and I don't want to back up every junk I install on my phone), send backed up files (over dropbox, email, BT, etc.) and can be even used to uninstall apps (you know, the annoying live wallpapers that you install to test, and then you realize it's ugly and you want to uninstall it but you can't find it in the app drawer), and if you have android 2.2 you can also use it to move apps to SD (app2SD).

So give this app a chance. Recently I saw so many negative reviews about appMonster... I don't know what people expect from this application. It does exactly what it sais, and it does that perfectly for me, without any bugs.


Anonymous said...

Very useful! :D

DWei said...

Sounds like a good app to have if you have an Android.

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