Dec 19, 2011

Best weather app for your Android device

I have tested many weather apps untill I came across BeWeather. They all where eighter bad looking, or gave inaccurate data, and in some cases, they hogged the CPU (sorry to say this: GoWeather and Palmary Weather).

So for a short time I gave up on looking for weather apps, and just checked it from the phone's browser. But after a while I wanted to have a cool looking weather widget on my homescreen, so the hunt began again. Untill I found BeWeather...

There are 2 versions of this app, one is free and the other is a payed version. Currently I'm using the free version and it suits my needs. Good looking homescreen widget, and once you click on it, it will open the app and you will see a nice weather video background (current weather). The good part is it looks very good, almost as good as the HTC Sense 3 weather effects. The "bad" part is it needs an additional 25MB to download those HD video files.

Other than that it's a simple weather app with daily and hourly forecast, and sun/moon "timer". It shows everything I need: temperature, "feels like" temperature, wind speed, humidity, pressure and even dew point. It has temperature notification in statusbar, but I don't use it. Also, it is fully customizeable with icons, fonts and colors.

I really recommend this weather app, as it looks gorgeous, it's not a battery drainer, and has everything you need. Like I said, I use the free version and it never failed me. For extra features (and no ads) you can buy the pro version.

So if you want a nice looking (and effective) weather app on your phone, look no further, check out BeWeather!


Sell My Cell Phone said...

Pretty cool app, i just wish its accurate.

DWei said...

I don't think I really need this. I usually don't care what the weather is like. :P

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