Jan 25, 2012

Evil android app part 2 - WifiKill

I remember that a few months ago I've heard something about an app that can disable internet connection for some devices on a network. So I downloaded the app but had no place to test it, thus it ended up in the "recicle bin". A few weeks ago a friend of mine (from work) started to listen to this really annoying song (was nice the 1st time) over and over again, streamed from youtube to his phone. At first it was all OK, but when she hit the replay button the 5th time, I felt like I will go crazy... So I re-downloaded this WifiKill app again, and fired it up. To my surprise it worked really well! It disabled her phone's internet connection (over Wifi), so there was no 6th time replay. OFC I went a step further and disabled every PC that was connected to the Wifi netword I was on. The app disabled them all :D I could hear cursing from the other room. It was hard not to laugh... So I though: this app is gold! when people will annoy me with  songs, when they will steal bandwidth with torrents and other stuff, BAM, I will disable them.

Very effective little app for WiFi network hogger. Some people really don't get it that we have a relatively slow internet connection at work, and if they download, they make it even slower (a lot of times crash the WiFi router...).
So this is my secret little app that I keep on my phone and maintain the balance with it :D

This app wasn't made for abuse, but for network control.

I quote the developer:
"Well, with this app you can disable internet connection for a device on the same network. So if someone (anyone) is abusing the internet wasting precious bandwidth for a Justin Bieber videoclips you could just kill their connection and stay happy with a full bandwidth just for yourself."

Head over to XDA and read about the app + get the free version (with ADs), and if you like it, consider buying the full version for about 3$.
Link: click here

You won't find this app on the android market as google pulled it down. They considered this app too evil! :D
Have fun with it!

Rainbow wallpaper

A nice rainbow effect created by the lens reflection. This picture is epic IMO. I don't think it is edited as I managed to snap similar shots with my phone's camera (OFC the rainbow effect wasn't this big, but it was there).

Megaclown - Sakura

And here is another song from Megaclown. I really like this guy :D he makes some good music. The video is a bit creepy and gory, but the tune is really nice! Follow his facebok page and soundcloud for free downloads and song updates ;)

Jan 20, 2012

Vineyards Wallpaper

Beautiful green scenery. Don't know what country is this from, but it looks amazing.

Megaclown - Falling Sky

Really nice bass in this one. It hits low if you have some decent speakers and a good soundboard. Tried it in my car (the only place where I can listen and feel the music now, as I still haven't bought a new set of speakers - saving money for a DSLR). Like this song soooo much now! There is a nice piano playing in the background, and that mixed with the low sounds and some vocals makes this song heavenly.
If you like it, you can download it for free from his soundcloud profile :) (link in the video)

Jan 19, 2012

Evil android app - DroidSheep

What is DroidSheep? It's a one-click session hijacking app for your android device. In other words, you can capture cookies that other PCs, laptops, etc. send over WiFi. The developer has a pretty good example on his site, allow me to copy paste it, because it's very well explained:
Maybe you know Bob. Bob is a wellknown person and Bob loves coffee. Every morning, he takes his laptop and visits one the famous green coffee bars, has a “grande vanilla latte” and writes messages to his facebook friends. For doing that, Bob uses the coffee bars WiFi – because it´s free and fast.
One Morning, Bob is just writing a message to his girlfriend, Eve enters the coffee bar. Eve has an Android phone and Eve uses DroidSheep. After ordering a “venti caramel macchiato”, Eve sits down, takes her phone and starts browsing facebook. Using Bobs identity. She can watch at his friends. Read his messages. Write messages. Write wall posts. Remove friends. Delete Bobs account. Without getting ever in touch with Bob.
What happened?
When Bob is using the WiFi, his laptop sends all the data intended to be received by facebook, over the air to the coffee bars wireless router. As “over the air” means “captureable by everybody”, Eve (or her phone) can read all the data sent by Bob. As some data is encrypted before being sent, she cannot read Bobs facebook password, but in order not to make Bob enter his password after each click, facebook sends Bob a so called “session id” after logging in, which Bob sends with each interaction, making it possible for facebook to identify Bob. Usually only Bob knows this id, as he receives it encrypted. But when Bob uses the coffee bars WiFi, he spreads his session id over the air to everybody. So Eve takes this session id and uses it as hers – and facebook cannot determine, if Bob or Eve uses this id.
To start the "attack", just start DroidSheep and click the start button. Then you wait. Wait until someone uses one of the supported sites (facebook, yahoo, twitter, wordpress, etc.). If the session appears, and if you click on it, you will jump on his session (aka. internet browser will open the page with him logged in)

To see all the cookies you have to enable generic mode. If generic mode is disabled, you will only see profiles that DroidSheep recognizes.

To run this app, you need a rooted phone and android 2.1 (I think every phone has that already).

Also take note, this app is NOT for stealing other people's identities. It was made purely to troll around people and to demonstrate the weakness of social networks and WiFi networks. This will not break Wifi passwords! You need to be connected to a wifi hotspot to use this. I use it for pure fun, to give a "like" on some pictures, or simply to see what other people do on the network.

This app is so evil that google banned it from the android market :)
But you can visit the developers site and download it for free. Also donate and support the developer if you like the app. Link to the website is HERE.

Burger Wallpaper

Already posted a burger wallpaper a few months ago, but this is a different one. Every time I look at this wallpaper it makes me hungry (and I am not a big burger fan...). Enjoy this juicy cheeseburger :D

Rusko - Somebody To Love

A new friend of mine posted this cool song on facebook. In the past I listened to some Rusko tracks, but I didn't like them. But this one is really neat, good vocals and nice bass + the video is also cool :) The only problem with this song is: It's too short!

Jan 14, 2012

Spherical Panorama Wallpaper

You will find a tutorial about how to make spherical panoramas on my new blog (opening soon). :)

The Qemists - Renegade (feat. Maxsta)

I'm a big fan of Qemists, so here is one of my favorite songs from the band. They where more into DnB, but this latest is a mix a dubstep and DnB. But it's still pretty cool.

Jan 11, 2012

Black BMW M3 Wallpaper

This is one of my favorite M3 wallpapers. Edited a bit in photoshop (not by me) but still, it look really mean! And those rims... <3
The only BMW model I like.

Jan 10, 2012

Everything But The Girl - Missing (Coven dubstep remix)

"Missing" is a smash hit from 1994, from Everything but the Girl (band). Now mister Coven took this beautiful song, and remixed it with some dubstep elements. It turned out great. This song is free to download (link in the youtube description), like all other Coven tunes. You can also visit and like his Facebook page here. Don't expect dirty dubstep, as I don't like them. :D
Great lyrics + nice vocals + great bass = me happy :)

Life Wallpaper

Here are my current wallpapers (phone and PC :P ). And like the wallpaper says: you only have one, live your life. But don't forget, you need to take risks to get to success. Also a life without risk is a life not lived...

Jan 5, 2012

Eminem feat. Nate Dogg - 'Till I Collapse

Yesterday I watched Real Steel (quite a good movie), and before a fight scene this song came on. I had this song on my old HDD which burned out (sitting in my drawer, still waiting for a HDD data recovery). An old song, but I think it's one of Eminem's best. Can't believe I forgot about this song... So after the movie I grabbed it and now it's sitting safe on my new HDD (and on my phone as backup - and to listen to it OFC). If you like the old Eminem, you will like this song! It's a song from the times when people had issues with rap and skin color (2002..., Eminem still among the first white rappers), and thought that only black people can be good rappers. So this song is more of a motivating song.
Anyways, enjoy this nice song, from the good old times.

Plant Wallpaper

My current wallpaper. A little dark, but I find it relaxing. When I look at it, I think of "life".

Jan 4, 2012

JJ - Still

We listened to this song over and over again :) I've heard this song on the 2nd day of 2012 (a friend played it on his iPhone). Since then it's stuck in my head. I think this is the best remix of Dr. Dre's song. Pity it's a bit too short. But hey, there is a loop button :)
Also welcome back to my blog.

Cats Wallpaper

First post of 2012.
Finally back from the new year party :D Yeah, the effect of that party lasted for a few days, but I'm back now. Enjoy this white cat / black cat wallpaper. :)