Dec 10, 2011

Missed Call Reminder for Android

I just came across this simple, small and cool app. It simply reminds you of missed calls, SMS and/or MMS. Very useful in so many cases.

It's customizable, so you can select the ringtone for missed call reminding, and set a separate ringtone for missed SMS. You can also set it to vibrate, and if you have a LED on your phone (my Galaxy S2 has no LED :( ) you can set it to blink in a specific color for SMS and another color for missed calls - or simply use the "screen on when reminding" feature of the app.

You can set the reminder interval (I've set it to 1 minute, so it will remind me every minute) and the duaration of the remider (Max time - I've set it to 10 minutes, that means it won't notify me about missed calls or SMS older that 10 minutes).

It is very light, does not consume battery (I have it installed since I got my new phone, and I have monitored the app with System Panel). I recommend this app because it's simple, easy to use and does exactly what it says.
I reall don't know what this app would need to be better. Maybe the option to set a custom vibration pattern for missed calls and SMS. Other than that, it has everything a reminder app needs. And of course, it's FREE.


Adam said...

Cool app, I want a droid and I hope to get one by early next year

Michael Westside said...

Our provider does this for us automatically. Miss a call when your phone is off and you receive a text

Anonymous said...

Seems very useful. :)

Upcoming Top Games said...

Seems to be a nice app.

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