Dec 22, 2011

Maria Mena - Habits (feat. Mads Langer) (WiSkiM Remix)

A riend of mine mentioned this beautiful song yesterday. I had it in mind, but always forgot to post it. The majority of nice tunes are from "unknown" people/bands, and or are made "underground". I don't understand why people do not highlight these songs (original and beatiful)... They promote the sh!t Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga (and the rest of course) sings :/
Anyway, enjoy this nice mix of DnB and chillstep. Hoping to find more songs like this one. These gems (IMO) are so rare today. Rare because the sh!t eclipses the real talent. Rare because while this gets promoted 2x, the sh!t gets promoted 200x...


DWei said...

I really liked the piano in this. Going to listen to it a few more times later.

Gialu said...

Beautiful track, thanks for posting :)

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