Dec 5, 2011

Lykke Li - I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

This is kind of a new hit in Romania. Every radio station is playing it now. First of all, Likke Li is a swedish pop/electro singer. This is not the original version of the song but a remix, and I like it a bit more than the original version.
Now the only thing that is bad about hearing this on the radio is: I don't like it when people abuse a song that much. Playing it every day at random hours (quite short interval between them) makes it lose it's value to me. Romanian radios are the worst radios. I think they have about 20 songs in their playlist, and then loop it all day long, for weeks... I am so sick of listening to the same music over and over again, every single day (I can't do anything about it since it's not my car - as long as I am a passenger in it, I STFU :P - I expect the same from people who get in my car while I'm driving).
So back to this nice tune. I like it because it's different than the rest of the songs you hear today. You won't hear a lot of songs like this on TV. And I guess that is what makes this tune special.


Sangy said...

Love this song!

Adam said...

I've never heard much music from Swedish artists. It's pretty good, I doubt I'll ever hear it on American radio though

Anonymous said...

Such a nice song! :D

ray said...

All commercial radios are the same. Short playlist played over and over again. Even if you like a track you can still hate it in the future if its played x time;]

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