Dec 18, 2011

John O'Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher - Big Sky

The last song from my desktop that features Audrey Gallagher. Another perfect song IMO (a bit too long, but perfect for road trips).If any of you know more cool songs like this, post a link or the title in the comments. I really need to update my music collection. Around 80% of the songs I own (if not more) are from before 2000. IMO a lot of the songs that are made today are remakes of the old ones. Eighter it is the whole song remade, or it simply has the same beats. Pity :/ These days we get quantity NOT quality.


aamedor said...

like the song

Luce said...

Mate if you are into trance music get universal religion compilation made by Armin Van buuren

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