Oct 11, 2011

Sad day...

Today my old Altec Lansing MX5021 speaker system died on me. When I powered on the PC, I also turned on the speakers. Entered windows, started to browse the internet a bit, then a light boom from the subwoofer, and the lights from the remote faded... I wasn't listening to anything, it was idleing. Anyways, I opened up the subwoofer to see if there is a capacitor that blew, or any other electrical component leaking (some parts burn and leak). But couldn't find anything. So I gave it to my dad, and he will take it to his friend tomorrow (some engineer in electronics, so I hope he can fix the circuit board - if that is the problem).

I really don't want to throw these puppies out, because they are very good PC speakers. I had Logitech X-230, X-530, and even Z-5500, nothing came close to the sound quality of the MX5021. Ofc Logitech speakers had more bass, but hey, you can have all the bass in the world and no mids and highs, that will sound like cr@p. I am not saying that the MX5021 lacked bass, for me the ammount and quality of the Altec Lansing's bass was enough. It was tighter that the Logitec bass, and still hit low.
Amazing speakers. Not to mention it had wireless remote :D (it's very good when you are in bed, all tucked in, and relize you could use some more volume ... happened to me 10000x...).
So if my dad's friend will not be able to fix it, I guess it will be time to move on. There are no decent PC speakers ot there anymore, so this time I will go with the Logitech Z-2300. Maybe I will use the dead MX5021's two speakers and replace the Z-2300 ones. Problem is the AL are 20-25W RMS @ 6ohms, and the Logitech speakers are 40W RMS @ 8ohms.. But I think it will be ok if I wont cranck the volume up to 50%++. You would have to be mad to do that with the Z-2300 subwoofer. XD
Why Z-2300? because they are 2nd in line at best PC speakers, and I don't want to spend a lot of cash on some Yamaha speakers + an Amp (at least not yet).

So now I wait...


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