Oct 6, 2011

Ray Ban sunglasses

These are not my sunglasses, but they look really cool. Large lenses offer good protection against light.
These are known as "Aviator-style" glasses (introduced in 1936 by Ray-Ban) and where made for U.S. military aviators (hence the name). So these babies are popular since 1960, and they still look good today.
Enjoy this HD wallpaper. (full size in the link below)


Michael Westside said...

I don't know man. Aviator glasses feels kind of like... we're back in the 80s

Hento the loony repairman :D said...

my sister has sensitive eyes and has been prescribed sunglasses whenever she goes out to the sun, she recently bought a pair of raybands and within a week the little metal bridge int he middle came loose, she contacted the manufacturer and she was told to send them via mail, the next week she got a NEW pair of sunglasses and a bill to paye xpenses for shipping.. WOW XD

Stephen Hutch Baguios said...

Ray-Ban Aviator style sunglasses, is the most popular design ever.

SEO Philippines said...

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