Oct 9, 2011


Today I will only post a wallpaper, because I feel very sick. I have caught a flu and my nose is running + I cough a lot. And now I also feel that I'm coming down with a light fever. Also an interesting fact about fever - always wondered why do fevers occur at night, so I studied a bit and came up with this:

"Fever, which is caused by some of the same internal chemicals that promote airway inflammation, and is also one of the body's defenses against attacking microbes, also tends to rise as night falls. Like normal body temperature, which is lowest in the morning and highest toward evening, most fevers peak near the end of the day."

Well, enjoy the wallpaper, and stay healthy :)


Deso said...

Looks demonic, very fitting for what you're going through.

Carlos Smith said...

Feel better soon bud, looking forward for more :)

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