Oct 8, 2011


What happens when you have a long shutter speed? You can create pictures that look like this. A friend of mine from work always asks me how to shoot good pictures. I really like pictures, and had a ton of self made weird pictures before my HDD burned down. I am reconsidering to pay the 100$ to recover the data, but now I have other priorities. Anyway, back to photography. I am really a novice, but I know a few things about the basics, and I am willing to buy a nice DSLR camera soon.
So use a long shutter speed (exposure time) and a tripod (otherwise you get a big blur and nothing more) to take some cool pictures of higways. This way the car's tail lights will look like laser light in the nigh.
Credits for this picture go to an unknown artist...


Luce said...

Wow, im loving this picture, enough original :>

bReakY_ said...

my new wallpaper :)

frankcom said...

Are you into photography too man?

Awesomne :D

Shame about losing your stuff though :/

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