Oct 22, 2011

Crazy Town - Butterfly

Real music, from 2001. I remember I used to listen to this every day on MTV (and back then MTV was normal, no stupid shows, only pure music, all genres). I really don't know what happened to the music industry today, but all the songs I hear on the radio are almost the same. WTF happened?? Where is the real music? And I wont even start about tunes from the 80s and 90s... (will leave that for another day :) )
Every artist turned their back on us, turned their back to true music, and are pursuing money instead.
I really don't know why are they doing this, since music is one of the best things we have. Music can bring us together, unite us.
Is this world really dying? Is there really no originality left?
Anyways, listen to this, and remember that this was a big hit then.


Anonymous said...

no really a big fan but hey everyone is different

Evil said...

F**king awesome ^_^

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