Oct 13, 2011

Beethoven - Für Elise (Dubstep Remix)

Found this awesome tune yesterday. The creator of this fine piece of music is fredzo123 (or Fredzo on facebook).
It has some earth shaking bass (still using my headphones, my speakers are still dead..), I had to edit the EQ a bit because the pressure it generated was huge lol.
I love classical music, and I also love (some) dubstep, so this is perfect for me :D

Set to 720p and you will feel it too (that is if your speakers can handle the low freqencies).


Gialu said...

Classic Music + Dubstep = WIN, if you like that you should search for "Vivaldi - Classic Dubstep (Polar Remix)" sick tune :)
Greets Gialu aka crooka

DJPheonix said...

Amaaaaaaazing OMG

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