Sep 17, 2011

Katy Perry - E.T. (Mt Parahaki Dubstep Remix)

I don't like the original version of this song at all... Yes she has a nice voice, etc. but i don't like her. I don't like the KIND (genre) of music she sings. But this remix makes it good (IMO). So I consider the original version a beta, and this one the finished version of E.T. :)


Steph (Twirling in a Red Dress) said...

Ooo I really like this remix! Cool stuff, keep it comin'

Formhault said...

Nice one!

Infernalismyo said...

I don't really like Katy Perry like you mentioned as well but these remixes are sometimes quite awesome, thanks for sharing

o rly?? said...

as cool as original (yes, I like it :P)

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