Sep 8, 2011


I like cats, so I collect cat wallpapers too. They always explore and are a lot of fun to play with. :) Enjoy


SQ said...

Man, I hate cats.
But this one almost got me.

Dresnia said...

SQ you mad ? How could you not love them hah.
Cats became an icon on the internet, if your a real though guy, you love them.

Formhault said...

My girlfriend freaks out when she sees cats like these. But mine are cute too : two black cats :D .

CrazyTurkishBoy said...

Cats>Dogs. I still love dogs though. I just like Cats better!

nougathie said...

i love thisone - because i love cats! on my blog there is one black nice interactive cat - just see

and i must say - that i like so much your blog :)
follow :)

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