Nov 14, 2011

Birthdays - great birthday app for Android

Useful birthday reminder app. I tested quite a lot of birthday apps and widgets, and IMO this is the best. It has a lists of all contacts with birthdays, so you don't have to search anymore. You can even import birthdays from facebook.

It includes a few nice widgets, so you will be up to date on who's birthday is next, + a status bar notification for maximum visibility. There are 2 versions of this app on the market, 1 is Free, the other one is payed. The payed one costs about 3$. I use the Free version of "Birthdays"and am very satisfied with it. So if you need a cool and good birthday reminder app, look no further; I already did that for you, and found this to be #1.
It looks simple, it's lightweight and I haven't noticed any battery drain (using it since a few months now), plus it is free.



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