Jan 19, 2012

Evil android app - DroidSheep

What is DroidSheep? It's a one-click session hijacking app for your android device. In other words, you can capture cookies that other PCs, laptops, etc. send over WiFi. The developer has a pretty good example on his site, allow me to copy paste it, because it's very well explained:
Maybe you know Bob. Bob is a wellknown person and Bob loves coffee. Every morning, he takes his laptop and visits one the famous green coffee bars, has a “grande vanilla latte” and writes messages to his facebook friends. For doing that, Bob uses the coffee bars WiFi – because it´s free and fast.
One Morning, Bob is just writing a message to his girlfriend, Eve enters the coffee bar. Eve has an Android phone and Eve uses DroidSheep. After ordering a “venti caramel macchiato”, Eve sits down, takes her phone and starts browsing facebook. Using Bobs identity. She can watch at his friends. Read his messages. Write messages. Write wall posts. Remove friends. Delete Bobs account. Without getting ever in touch with Bob.
What happened?
When Bob is using the WiFi, his laptop sends all the data intended to be received by facebook, over the air to the coffee bars wireless router. As “over the air” means “captureable by everybody”, Eve (or her phone) can read all the data sent by Bob. As some data is encrypted before being sent, she cannot read Bobs facebook password, but in order not to make Bob enter his password after each click, facebook sends Bob a so called “session id” after logging in, which Bob sends with each interaction, making it possible for facebook to identify Bob. Usually only Bob knows this id, as he receives it encrypted. But when Bob uses the coffee bars WiFi, he spreads his session id over the air to everybody. So Eve takes this session id and uses it as hers – and facebook cannot determine, if Bob or Eve uses this id.
To start the "attack", just start DroidSheep and click the start button. Then you wait. Wait until someone uses one of the supported sites (facebook, yahoo, twitter, wordpress, etc.). If the session appears, and if you click on it, you will jump on his session (aka. internet browser will open the page with him logged in)

To see all the cookies you have to enable generic mode. If generic mode is disabled, you will only see profiles that DroidSheep recognizes.

To run this app, you need a rooted phone and android 2.1 (I think every phone has that already).

Also take note, this app is NOT for stealing other people's identities. It was made purely to troll around people and to demonstrate the weakness of social networks and WiFi networks. This will not break Wifi passwords! You need to be connected to a wifi hotspot to use this. I use it for pure fun, to give a "like" on some pictures, or simply to see what other people do on the network.

This app is so evil that google banned it from the android market :)
But you can visit the developers site and download it for free. Also donate and support the developer if you like the app. Link to the website is HERE.


Erixsson said...

This is one of the reasons Iphone have an advantage. controling everything have some benefits.

Zullian said...

iPhone sux :D Android is everything, and with DroidSheep I can get passwords from iPhones and Androids :P

urfix said...


Elusive said...

Reply to Erixsson: Actually, iphone is at a disadvantage. Because apple "Controls" your iphone they also don't allow you to protect your iphone against evil apps such as wifiKill & Droidsheep. On the other hand, android market (Google play) has "wifi Protector" to defend your phone against malicious attacks from other smartphones.

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